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Colin Gale is a British artist specialising in watercolour painting and digital art. He is currently Professor of Fashion and Textiles at Birmingham City University, England.




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I have been painting on and off for almost 50 years now, it's gone through various phases but it has settled down nowadays as mostly expressionist landscape drawn from memory. Sometimes it's more literal sometimes more an experiment but I like the space in between. I suspect my time was about 1907, unfortunately I have missed it by over a 100 years.

The computer work started in the late 70's at the Slade School UCL in the Experimental Department. It was all programmed then and I made some films and gradually got to learn Fortran, Pascal, Basic in the ensuing years but let it go at C. I found myself teaching CAD, animation and video post-production. I got fed up with the pursuit of 3D and simulation and instead started playing with paint packages, photoshop and word processors. The last two won out and that's why I have two styles of computer work. These days they blend a bit more.

Art, CAD and programming took me into design then into textiles which took me into fashion and I became Head of the School of Fashion and Textiles at Birmingham City University and Professor of Fashion and Textiles.  More recently I have become Director of International Recruitment and Partnerships for my Faculty.

I have been lucky to travel a lot and meet a lot of interesting people, I never really got the fine artists hanging out with fine artist thing so never did much of that unless it led to an adventure. I have exhibited on and off but good curators and gallery owners/managers are few and far between. Also it most often seemed to cost me money so in the end unless there is a significant or pleasant experience attached I don't worry, the internet is a big gallery. Hope you enjoy some of the work.